We begin to notice changes in our life; we experience less pain, we react differently, relationships change and we start to experience flow. Health and vitality improve; potentiality of change starts to happen!

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NEW ! The Real You Workshop. Are you living your life from that place of The Real You? Live a life you love by wholeheartedly embracing and being The Real You.

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The Mindscape Workshop

MindScape is a ‘mind-blowing’ two 1/2 day course, that can be used for a lifetime. Unlock your intuition and creativity. Learn how to easily access a relaxed state of mind and work with the full power of your mind.

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Are you feeling challenged or confused as you move through a life transition?
Do you want change in your life? Are you struggling to make things happen?

If you want positive transformation in your life, Jane can help.

Many clients notice real changes literally in one session.

Life can sometimes cause us to literally blow fuses, we can feel like our world is crashing in on us and our whole life seems to go out of balance.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or  struggling to resolve or deal with a crisis in your life, whether it be health, relationships, life direction, find real solutions, or feel challenged to find a clear focus, along with the energy and motivation to move forward in your life, these are the scenarios that Jane’s work has real success, that is life changing for her clients.

20 plus years working with energy healing and studying quantum physics principles along with ancient wisdoms, Jane has become a leading specialist in the field of informational energy work .

If you want to know more about how Jane can help – Jane offers a FREE 15 minute consultation.

Book your free 15 minute consultation (Skype/phone/in person)  

Phone or  text now on 027 499 1115  or email

How does Jane help ?

By ‘listening’ and interpreting the language of your BodyMind and utilising the cutting edge method of MindScape, Jane is able to connect into your holographic blueprint and then facilitate the energy change (much like rewiring and updating circuit boards and programming in a computer) with simple, fast and effective energy and tapping techniques.

Jane creates the ability for a change in different areas of her clients lives i.e. health, feeling stuck, relationship issues, in pain emotionally or physically, depressed, lacking energy , these are common place issues that Jane has real success with.

” It is inspiring and personally rewarding, watching clients transform their lives and their health , through the result of my work.”  – Jane