Prices -Sessions and Programmes


Free 15 minute consult is available – face to face / skype / phone.                                                             To arrange phone +6427499 1115  or email

Individual sessions

( see special programmes below)

Initial Session @$325

Follow-ups      @$265

Each session is an individualised and unique energy process. I allow extra time for the depth of work often required in your initial session.

Gift vouchers

Prepaid sessions or a dollar value towards a session / course is a great gift for friends and family – make a real difference in their lives!

Order either by email

or phone Jane +642791115


Looking for a Special Gift?

Why not give that someone special a gift voucher?

A session / or any dollar value  – you choose!
Prices are subject to change.

Email Jane to inquire or order your Gift Voucher


Do you want positive change in your Life? Abundance-Health- Relationships-Career-Business?
Would you like to break through barriers or life patterns that are holding you back to experience your life fully and joyfully? Jane understands life’s challenges and has designed effective programmes to help you make changes in various aspects of your life! Each of these programmes is designed to address your specific situation. Free 15 minute consult is available – face to face / skype / phone. Click here to arrange your consult.


‘I feel like I’ve lost my way’ | ‘I want to feel more purposeful in my life’  

Do you want a sense of personal freedom in your life? Make a  change with this carefully selected process that will engage you!
Read more about the PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION programme…


The EMPOWER Programme
‘I feel unsure what to do in my life !’ ” How can I make positive change in my life?’

Are you experiencing life confusion or going through transition? Make a change with a process that allows you to make positive choices in your life!
Read more about the EMPOWER programme…

The RECHARGE Programme
‘I’m struggling to find focus| ‘I need help… NOW!’ | 

Are you feeling stuck or  feel like you’re floundering in life?               Make a change in how you’re feeling quickly and effectively !

Read more about the RECHARGE programme…


Cancellation Policy

We understand that unplanned life issues can come up and you may need to reschedule an appointment. Please contact us promptly if this occurs, as available appointments can be in high demand, so your early notification can give another client an opportunity.

In the event of late arrival for an appointment, please be aware that the session will end at the scheduled time and full session fee is charged.
If you do not call to cancel your appointment within 12 hours you may be charged for a full session fee if we are unable to fill the appointment.