Do you feel like you’ve lost your way or wish you felt more purposeful in your life?

This programme is specifically designed to give you powerful  and effective assistance to reconnect with your true self .

Do you want a sense of personal freedom in your life?

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION is specifically designed to move you into creating your life in a positive and focused manner. When your body mind spirit is in balance and you reduce the sense of being stressed, it allows a stronger sense of self. By radiating in a more alive felt sense,  personal transformation takes place…. offering you a stronger sense of who you are. This then contributes to dissolving old patterns and moving towards effectively creating a life that is going to work for you, in a way that feels right for you!

The POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE is specifically designed to give you a quick, easy and effective jump start to help you move forward in life..


– One on one personalised energy balance sessions x 4
– The MindScape Course – 2 days
– The Reconnection – 2 session process                                                                                                           – Aura Soma equilibrium – Colour therapy for the Soul
– Personalised Alchemical Essence
– Your personal MindMap progress reviews
Bonus - Personal support calls with Jane. Skype or phone after each session.

Value $2575 – Programme  $ 2225

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