The Health-Changing Ideas Guide Vol 1Hi there and welcome to this handy, informative booklet full of helpful advice and tips on how to be the best YOU!

The booklet contains a number of business owners who share a similar passion as I do – helping people.The Health-Changing Ideas Guide Vol 1.   All the business owners are experts in their field and range from Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Practitioners, Coaches and Healers. Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge – they share only a taste of what is possible here in this booklet. In these pages, you’ll discover helpful ideas to revolutionise your health so you can look good and feel great. My highest advice to you is that you put these ideas into action in your own life.

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Here’s Jane demonstrating how to perform the Cortices technique.

A powerful technique for balancing your left and right cortices, emotions and well-being.