What My Clients Have Experienced

What my clients have to say about their experiences before, during and after sessions with me…

Cristina discusses the profound changes she has experienced in her life since working with Jane.

Paula was booked for major surgery. Working with Jane had profound effects of her both before the surgery and during her recovery afterwards.

Years of pain, depression – gone after 3 sessions – woman 20’s

“After several years of getting through life, just existing really, I was diagnosed with anemia. Having had this before I knew it wasn’t a quick fix. I asked Jane for a Bodytalk session. I had two more, all over a 6 week period. The result is that I have experienced great shifts within myself, like roadblocks moving and the sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned.”  – Rachel

Tiredness, lethargy, lack of direction – no longer there – woman 20’s 

“I have more energy and focus then I’ve had for years. I feel excited about the future. I’m making plans with no fear and my friends are telling me how amazing I look – who wouldn’t love that outcome?” – Chrissy

Nightmares & anxiety, not sleeping – 10 year old boy – after one session Mother thrilled !   

“Harry had been having problems sleeping for about 18 months. He was also having trouble coping with school. We had tried all sorts of things, nothing worked. Harry has only had 2 sessions with Jane, the difference is amazing. From the 1st session he has slept through the night with no problems (a small miracle in our eyes. Thank you Jane so much, this is a gift we can never repay. Thanks again.” – Karen Y

Confidence, self esteem, reduced stress – woman 50’s 

“I’m now more confident and aware and the most comfortable ever with who I am and what I do. Jane has gentle encouragement and clarity and ability. I’m more relaxed, more observant, so much happier – life’s just great!” – Sue

Grief, emotional issues, allergies – man 70’s

“Jane has assisted me to deal with issues relating to bereavement, marriage break up, resentment and anger from childhood that I had long forgotten. She has identified and treated allergies, I now feel physically fitter, clearer in mind, calmer in attitude and lighter in spirit.” –   A.J.

Autistic Spectrum disorder, family relationships – boy 13 

“As parents, we were desperate. Our boy became very frustrated at school and it caused all sorts of problems. We tried everything from counselling to herbal and naturopathic remedies.Body Talk sessions with Jane has successfully enabled him to be his true self. The whole process has been subtle and supportive. Body Talk has enabled him to make the changes that he so desperately wanted. This is evident in his latest school report  I urge anyone who wish, to make changes in their lives to give it a go.”  – Carol

Chronic stomach pains, digestive problems – man 30’s  

“Being a typical male I am sceptical of anything I don’t understand. I suddenly became ill with abdominal and kidney pains to the extent of Hospitalisation. I was unable to work, a life of lying on the couch in pain taking various types of medication ‘just in case it helps’. After my first session with Jane, I was in a much more positive frame of mind.  After the third session I was back at work and after the fifth I was 95% pain free. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.” - Daniel

 BodyTalk  Access 

“My children spent the day with their Dad who they don’t see that often – Karliah always comes home grumpy, angry and with mixed emotions. Last night she said to me – ‘I’ve been with Dad, I’m sad and angry and I need you to tap me Mum.’ I sat with her and did the cortices, once finished she said – “I just need you to do it one more time and I’ll be good.” I did, she lay straight down and went to sleep.

Again tonight she has asked me to ‘tap’ her so she can sleep better – she is 7. I love that she can feel it works and knows that it helps her. Thanks so much for coming down, it was lovely to meet you, and learn from you. Thanks so much.” – Alicia Evans